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Summit Family Counseling is a ministry that is committed to assisting families and individuals to experience God's blessings in every area of their lives. Sometimes this means walking with them through hard and confusing times. Prayer, teaching of the Word, worship and fellowship with supportive believers offer important encouragement, but sometimes there are circumstances in people lives where a trained Christian counselor can be an important part of finding God's assurance and direction. God's people are not protected from the challenges and struggles that everyday life brings, but we do have a promise that when all seems hopeless and lost, God has provided a way out.

Summit Family Counseling is a ministry with dedicated and qualified counselors that provides a confidential environment where every person in need can come and experience God’s love, acceptance, forgiveness and healing power.

Our goals at Summit Family Counseling are:

  • To restore, reconcile, and strengthen the family, its members, and individuals by offering Christ-Centered counseling.
  • To help each person embrace his or her God-given true worth and dignity.
  • To provide an integration of psychological principles that are consistent with Biblical truth based upon Scripture as the final authority.
  • To renew joy, peace, and hope through the encouragement of making God-honoring choices and decisions.
  • To provide a God-centered approach to healing and wholeness.
  • To apply Biblical truths and principles as the cornerstone of care.
  • To provide Christian counselors whose lives and service are founded upon their commitment to Christ and their passion to help others.
  • To provide effective, Christ-Centered counseling that is affordable to everyone.


Patrick & Mary Louise Kennedy (Senior Overseers)


Grace Covenant Church
510 W. Main Street Ste. 100
Clayton, NC 27527
919-791-5918 mobile
919-763-0361 fax


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